среда, 13 октября 2010 г.

DD-Wrt WEP settings

DD-Wrt WEP settings, originally uploaded by v.plessky.

There are many myths and articles circulating around about Wireless security (insecurity?). Google search about "WEP crack" brings articles dated by 12 Aug 2001 or so.
Or web pages with with materials readable only by real geek.
Technicians familiar with IP networking usually provide general answers like "WEP is insecure".
But how much it is insecure? And does it matter for you, typical owner of Home ADSL router or Wireless Access Point?
That's a good question, in my opinion.
So I did some research on my own.
Before going further, I ave to admit that I am familiar with Computer Networking , being working in IT industry for 15 years, and last 8 years in Networking companies. But on management positions.

This page shows DD-Wrt setup page for Wireless Security.
IMPORTANT NOTE: this setup was used only for testing, for a very short time, I would never use WEP for real deployment for myself, or recommend it to someone else.
If you have no choice (in your old Router or Access Point, or aged Wireless Client device) but WEP - than ... do not use Wireless at all!

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